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ID: 15
Ressource_Provider: Jean-Michel Bergougniou
Title: The Poisoners' Affair 2 (August 6th, 1908)
Date of event: 6 August 1908
Date Accuracy: Exact
Place Continent: Asia
Place Country: Vietnam
Place Region: Tonkin
Place City: Hanoï
PlaceAccuracy: Exact
EventNature: Execution

  1:Ref.: BERGOUGNIOU, Jean-Michel L'affaire des Empoisonneurs

  1:Title: L'affaire des Empoisonneurs Jean-Michel BERGOUGNIOU


1:Title: Out from prison to the execution ground
The three poisoners are led out from the prison to the execution field.

2:Title: Vietnam 1908, Decapitation 1
The poisoners and the French garrison arrive at the execution ground. The picture is taken from the back.

3:Title: Vietnam 1908, Decapitation 2
The three condemned are kneeling on the execution ground, while the executioners are bounding them to the stakes, to be beheaded. French colonial corps are standing up in a row, at the background.

4:Title: Vietnam 1908, Decapitation 3
The kneeling man, first on the right, Hai Hien, is bending his head down, while the military authorities (on the left) are reading the sentence.

5:Title: Vietnam 1908, Decapitation 4
Chef Hai Hien's head is falling down, while the blood is spurting up from his neck (on the foreground). Corporal Nguyen Duc (middle), has already been executed, while the chef's assistant (left), Vu van Thuan, is still waiting the fatal blow.

6:Title: Vietnam 1908, Decapitation 2
One of the two condemned kneeling has just been executed (right), while the other is going to be (left). The French garrison is present to the execution (foreground).

7:Title: Vietnam 1908, Decapitation 5
The second executioner is going to throw the severed head up, so as to show that the sentence has been executed.

8:Title: Beheaded corpses are put into coffin
The executioners' helpers are laying the three corpses in their coffins, under tight scrutiny by French military authorities.

9:Title: Coffins of executed Vietnamese to graveyard
The coffins of the three executed men are taken to the burial place under Light Cavalry's escort. On each side of the street, local people attend the funeral procession.

10:Title: Burial after execution in Tonkin
The military authorities attend the burial after execution

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