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ID: 8
Ressource_Provider: Jérôme Bourgon
Title: Exécution de Wang Weiqin
Date of event: october 1904
Date Accuracy: Probable
Place Continent: Asia
Place Country: China
Place Region: Hebei (Zhili)
Place City: Beijing
Place_Street: Caishikou
PlaceAccuracy: Exact
EventNature: Execution

  1:Ref.: HARFELD F., Commandant Opinions chinoises sur les Barbares d’Occident
  2:Ref.: HEINDL, Robert Der Berufsverbrecher : Ein Beitrag zur Strafrechtreform (The Professional Criminal : A Contribution to the Reform of Criminal Law)
  3:Ref.: LITTLE, Archibald (Mrs.) Round about my Peking Garden
  4:Ref.: Xingbu Henan si 刑部河南司, zhugao zhushi 主稿主事 Wang Shijie 汪世傑 Xingbu zoudi, xianshen 刑部奏底, 現審 Memorials drafts of the Board of Punishments, Beijing affair (Wang Weiqin trial)
  5:Ref.: LI Yizhi 李儀祉 Li Yizhi quanji 李儀祉全集
  6:Ref.: Shen Jiawei 沈嘉蔚 Old China through G.E. Morrison's eyes 莫理順的今代中國

  1:Title: Photographie et vérité historique: Le lingchi de Wang Weiqin Jérôme BOURGON


1:Title: Lingchi A, 1 arrival
The condemned is transfered to the execution field in a cart, hidden from the public, sided by a Buddhist monk— an unusual treatment that reveals a priviledged position.

2:Title: Lingchi A, 1 undressing
The condemned, whose body is still intact, is tied to the tripodal gallow.

3:Title: Lingchi A, 2 tied to the post
Upper clothes lascerated hang on convict's hips, like an odd skirt — hence some writers believes he is a woman

4:Title: Lingchi A, 2nd cut (breasts)
Assistant executioner (with mustach) presents the convict's face to photographer, under supervision of the chief-executioner (back at the foreground).

5:Title: Lingchi A, 2nd cut
The two breasts have been carved out, the chief-executioner throws the remains in a basket.

6:Title: Lingchi A, 3rd cut (left biceps)
The chief-executioner starts carving left arm biceps.

7:Title: Lingchi A, the basket
Chief executioner throws remains in a basket at the foreground.

8:Title: Lingchi A, 5th cut (left leg)
Chief-executioner has just carved out left leg

9:Title: Lingchi A, 7th cut: posing
Assistant executioners and helpers posing for the photographer, and forcing the condemned's face towards the camera

10:Title: Lingchi A, 8th cut
Chief executioner is beheading the corpse, while helpers take off the hair node and ropes that tied the head to the post.

11:Title: Lingchi A, body untied (10)
Helpers start untying the corpse, after decapitation

12:Title: Lingchi A, 9th cut
Chief-executioner cuts left leg at knee level

13:Title: Lingchi A, body untied (11)
Helpers untie the corpse from tripodal gallows

14:Title: Lingchi A, undertakers (13)
Undertaker's assistants wearing in funeral white clothes take care of the remains disposed in a basket.

15:Title: Lingchi A, undertakers (14)
Exposure of the remains to the crowd

16:Title: Lingchi A, 3rd cut
The executioner starts carving the right arm

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