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ID: 77
Ressource_Provider: Maria Pia Di Bella
Title: Album Swann
DocumentNature: Watercolor
Topic: Judiciary
Description: An anonymous album made of 31 watercolor images about judicial torture and different methods of punishments.

All the images have a seal print in the left lower corner, in very small red characters, reading: "Beijing, Zhou Peichun hua 北京,周培春畫", that is "Beijing, Zhou Peichun images"
Particulars: Presumed to be copied on the Bretschneider's albums conserved at St. Petersburg. The captions are very poor in information, and written in a very bad, sometime incomprehensible, classical Chinese, certainly composed in the early Republican period.

  1:Name: Album Swann Supplices chinois


1:Title: Cage: prisoner
此中國踞籠之圖也其王法與京中不一有犯之罪將此犯人裝入籠內蹲死示眾也 Say the caption: This is a chart upon Chinese street cages. A prerogative delegated to provincial authority (王法), it is not the same in the capital (??). The crime of the offender is [written?] on his dress, and he is enclosed in a cage to die in the street under crowd's watching.

2:Title: Cangue-cage: slow death
此中國踮籠之圖也外省王法與京中不一匪徒惡棍不犯斬殺絞之罪將犯人裝入籠內踮死示眾也 "This is a chart on the Chinese street cage. The [punishments inflicted] by provincial authorities by imperial authorization are not the same with [those practiced?] in the capital. Villains and ruffians who have not committed a crime liable of beheading or strangulation are enclosed in cages to die in the street under crowd's watching"

3:Title: Collar chain: prisoner with meal
此中國帶石墎之圖也其人犯罪定地發配某處至配所項帶鐵鎖下墜石墎每日至集鎮上向行路之人要錢度日或發三年或二年半滿日開放也 "This is a chart upon carrying the Chinese stone slab. This criminal has been exiled to a certain place enchained, and once arrived, carrying a slab of stone. Every day, he goes from town to town begging for money, for three years or two years half, till the day of his release"

4:Title: Collar chain: woman
此中國販私酒之圖也中國燒酒進城必須上稅此女子在城外燒販來藏至身邊私攜進城被宮人挐獲鎖至衙門從重治罪 This is a chart on Chinese smuggling of alcool. In China, to enjoy alcool entered in town (sic) you must first pay a tax. This girl (nuzi) has stocked alcool outside the city, and has tried to introduce it on her body into the city. Seized by the authority, she is led in chains to the yamen to be adjudicated severely.

5:Title: Beating: whip
此中國打黑鞭子之圖也此刑乃扙在旗之兵弁或悟差使或因不法以鞭扙之褲每扙折照七數責之也 "This is a chart on striking with the Chinese black whip. This punishments is a substitute to thick bamboo for the soldiers of the Banners, either for errors (unintentional misdeeds?) or illegal deeds. The number of blows [provided by law] is reduced seven times" ( "70 blows" in fact means 10 blows)"

6:Title: Slap: hands
此中國外省衙門刑法與京中不同打手掌一人拉手用皮子一塊打之則能取其實言名曰打手掌 A punishment used in the provincial services, not at the capital, the "Beating of the palm" has a mand holding the hand and hitting it with a piece of leather, for obtaining true confession. This is called "Beating the palm"

7:Title: Press: legs
此中國營汎衙門拿住賊匪不說實供將賊人放於木橙之上用鐵練將腿繞住腳底下墊磚則能取其實言也 In the Chinese busy (or perverse?) official services, when they catch a bandit who does not truly confess, they put him on a wooden bench (?? 橙means "orange") and use an iron chain to tie his legs, and a brick to under his feet, thus they can force him to confess the truth"

8:Title: Suspension
此中國外省刑法與京部不同將賊匪拿住用皮條將賊人手拉起則能取出實言名曰偏跨 This is a punishment used in Chinese provinces, not the same as in the capital. The bandit is held with a leather string that makes the bandit drawn his hand upward (sic). So they extract the truth from him. This is called "Stretching up one arm.

9:Title: Stocks: prisoner
此中國囚犯之圖也有人如犯王法經官審明輕者枷打重者罰雙手帶鐵捧子腳帶木狗子項帶鐵鍊收于獄中候發落此自作自受也 This is a picture of a prisoner in China. If the magistrate, in the name of the emperor, decides that [the case] he is enquiring about is light, he has the accused wear the cangue; if the case is serious, he has the accused bear an iron stick (sic, for wooden manacles i, the picture) on his two hands, a wooden dog (?) on his two feet, an iron chain on his neck, which he endures in prison waiting for his verdict. This is «As you've done, so you're treated».

10:Title: Bed: prisoners
此中國睡編床之圖也京中刑部有此私刑因犯罪人入衙之時營嶽差人要向犯人使錢用此編床將犯人放于編床花鐵若干方能脫刑 This is the picture of Chinese bed to sleep in row. The Board of Punishment use it as unofficial punishment, when criminals enters the service, the (yingyue??) jailers want to extort money from the prisoners and thus submit them to this "row bed. Those who pay escape this punishment".

11:Title: Bed: prisoner

12:Title: Prisoner in a barrel

13:Title: Beating: light bamboo

14:Title: Collar chain: prisoner

15:Title: Deportation: departure

16:Title: Investigation

17:Title: Meal of a chained prisoner

18:Title: Suspension

19:Title: Beating: short bamboo

20:Title: Press: legs

21:Title: Fumigating spices to torture

22:Title: Slapping the face

23:Title: Beating: bamboo

24:Title: Executioner

25:Title: Suspension: to the execution ground

26:Title: Heads: in cages

27:Title: Lingchi

28:Title: Strangulation

29:Title: Head: exposition

30:Title: Decapitation

31:Title: Dead Man walk (parade)

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